Volume 75 – January 2015


Characterization of In-doped and Ga-doped zinc oxide film deposited by spray pyrolysis

A. Hadri, C. Nassiri, F.Z. Chafi, M. Loghmarti, M. Tricha, A. Mzerd

Abstract | Pages: 1-6


Validation of Kaniennen’s rule for fissured Co-Cr pieces used for adjoint prosthesis and calculation of their critical parameters.

A. Essakhi, A. Boulezhar,  Kh. Elboussiri

Abstract | Pages: 7-12


Study of electrical conductivity of lithiated nickel–cobalt oxide materials

L. El Farh, H. Demnati

Abstract | Pages: 13-16


Spectroscopic property study at low lying spin for 123La nucleus by rotor plus quasiparticle-phonon method 

A. Zaafa, J. Inchaouh, M. K. Jammari, A. Boulal, M. Zerfaoui

Abstract | Pages: 17-20


Effect of phase change materials insertion in partition wall on thermal comfort and energy performance

H. Hamza, B. Abouelkhayrat, J. Lahjomri, A. Oubarra

Abstract | Pages: 21-34


Heat transfer in an annular space fitted with heating blocks of moderate heights: Multicellular regimes


Abstract | Pages: 35-40


Prediction of solar radiation flues. Case study of Tetuan city in northern Morocco

Y. El Mghouchi, I. El Abbassi, Z. Choulli, T. Ajzoul, D. Taoukil, A. El Bouardi

Abstract | Pages: 41-48


Vibrational investigations of 3,4- Dimethyl hexane

A. Aboulmouhajir, S. Mouatarif, A. Mahsoun, N. El Hamdani

Abstract | Pages: 49-56


Bu4NCy2NH2C2O4.SnPh3Br.H2O and Me4NCy2NH2SO4.SnPh3Br: Synthesis and spectroscopic studies

Y. Sow, K.Y.A. Okio, L. Diop, L. Stievano

Abstract | Pages: 57-59


Synthesis and characterization of C, N, S and Fe modified TiO2 nanophotocatalyst: efficiency on the degradation of methyl orange and levafix blue

I. Ellouzi, L. ELayazi, M. Harir, P. Schmitt Koplin, L. Laanab, H. Mountacer, S. El Hajjaji

Abstract | Pages: 60-67


Preparation and characterization of membranes based PVA used in pervaporation

A. Regragui, N. Merzouk, N. Chekhi, A. Essamri

Abstract | Pages: 68-74


The evaluation and the development of three devices for measurement of biogas production

O. El Asri, M. Mahaouch, M.E. Afilal

Abstract | Pages: 75-85


Automatic malaria diagnosis by the use of multispectral contrast imaging

O.K. Bagui, J.T. Zoueu, C. Wählby

Abstract | Pages: 86-98



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